Why you should stay in a Hostel?

1. Trying New Things

Staying in a hostel is a great way to experience new things that you are either unable or unwilling to try at home. A lot of new experiences are going to present themselves to you, it’s your job to take them. When else will you be in a room with 10 strangers each with something new to bring to the table.

2. Meeting New People

We meet new people when we first started school, remember way back when? Now you’re a bit older, a bit wiser, and you’re going out on your own. In a hostel, it really is impossible not to meet someone new and different no matter how introverted you might be. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’ll help you figure out what you like and don’t like, as well as encourage you to try things that were previously to your disliking

3. New Cultures

When staying in a hostel there are new cultures to sample, from the people you meet to the locale you’re staying in. Aside from it being really important to know a bit from other cultures, you’ll never have the opportunity to sample the true culture of a small, remote town untainted by any mainstream variant. Experiences like that are priceless.

4. New Perspective

This is one of the most important benefits you could get from anything you do. In a hostel you’ll meet new and unique and different individuals, hopefully some of whom are vastly different from you. To see a stark contrast from yourself really helps you to grow personally and socially.

5. More Independent

As you’re leaving the nest, you may be thinking “I’m an adult. I know what I’m doing.” However, no matter how much you may hate to admit it you still rely on your parents for a number of things. Once you go outside, that all changes. You are now responsible for yourself entirely for things like money, time management, necessities, etc. Living in a hostel will teach you to be more successfully independent as well as introduce you to your second family. Each of the other hosteliers and yourself will rely on each other a little bit. You’ll have something they need, they’ll have something you need. You’ll naturally end up relying on them a little, kind of like your family.

6. Less Self Centered/More Mature
Meeting people that are different than you really helps with this. As much as we all don’t want to admit it, we’re all pretty sheltered before we leave our own corners of the world. We tend to think people should do things the way we do them, expecting a little bit of help on a lot of things. As with being more independent, staying in a hostel helps you to grow up and gives you a bigger perspective. You become less and less entitled and more willing to see things from others’ points of view.

7. Freedom
The greatest gift a hostel can give you, freedom. There’s really nothing quite like being out on your own, being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Staying in a hostel does just that for you. If you want to party all night and get up at 3pm, that’s ok. If you want to experiment (leaving that one ambiguous lots of experimenting to be had) go for it. Meeting unique strangers, trying weird ethnic food, hiking 3 miles in the jungle for that rare sight, getting blitzed at the end of the night and then getting up in the morning and doing it all over again is exactly the reason you stay in a hostel. So go out and enjoy your freedom!

8. Rates
Hostels are cheaper than Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts. You will save money and you will be able to afford a longer stay, excursions, outings or visits to other towns.

9. Promotions and Discounts
Many hostels offer special conditions if you stay for longer. Sometimes they have partnerships with local bars, cinemas, discos or restaurants.

10. Location
There are Hostels in the main neighborhoods of any kind of travel destination with easy access to the points of interest.
Please don’t misunderstand. Hotels and B&B’s or apartments have their value to. During my travels I usually mix it a little bit, depending on the place, how much time I will spend at the same location or how much money has left in my travel budget.


Adapted from Gomio