Terms & Conditions

– NO VISITORS.  谢绝访客。 Glass Door Code: To be given.  会提供玻璃门密码。
– Pay SG$30 more for each extra guest/visitor/infant/kid.  每加一位访客或婴孩,另加新币$30。
– No meal provided.  不提供餐点。
– No Durian (A type of fruit) is allowed.  谢绝榴莲。
– Payments are non-refundable.  付款不可退。 Payments are non-transferable.  付款不可转让。
– All requests are subject to availability.  任何要求,以本舍存量供完为准为止。
– The room card will expire at 12 noon or as paid in advance.  房卡在中午或所付时段后失效。
– Pay $10 in advance for each hour of late check-out.  每迟退房一小时,请预付新币$10。
– Pay $20 for any loss of each door card.  每遗失一张门卡,请付新币$20。
– Per night is from 2 pm to 12 noon, next day.  每晚从下午两点至隔天中午。
– Any cancellation, regardless of any reason or time given, will incur the full period charge.
– Failure to arrive at the hostel will be treated as a No-Show & will incur the full period charge.
– We are not responsible for your losses, injuries or deaths.  我们不对你的损失或伤亡负任何责任。
– Read Internet Password & information on the board.  请阅读布告栏上的上网密码和信息。
– Pay SG$3 (from 9 am to 9 pm) or SG$10 (from 9 pm to 9 am) to store your luggage or
  other personal belongings.  如存放行李或任何东西,请另付新币$3(上午九点至晚上九点存放
– Pay SG$10 if you use hostel facilities before or after your stay.  如在留宿前后用旅社设施,